You Are Not That Good – Draft Players and Make Them Good Players

Many have been saying the Arlington Jonesboys should do what the Rams did in trading picks and getting Pro Players to have a Super Bowl run.

This will not work because the Arlington Jonesboys are not as good as the 2018 or 2021 Rams being a couple of players away from the Super Bowl. There is no dominate player on the DL especially at DT, There is no dominate player in the secondary. There is no dominate player at QB. There is now no dominate player on the OL. There is no dominate player at WR or TE. There is one dominate player on the team and he is at LB, Micah Parsons.

The issue with Parsons is that you need him at MLB, DE, and OLB to make up for having good players but not dominate player everywhere else.

The Cowboys should stick to the script of building a defense with this draft as they did in 2021. Once they have added more good players, their good players from the 2021 draft will become very good, and one beside Parsons may become dominate. This can be said about the offense. But it took a major step back trading very good possible becoming dominating WR, Amari Cooper. However, the real need is to add to the defense.

Once you have good players, very good players, 1-2 dominating players on offense, and 1-2 on defense, then you can look at adding a dominating player giving away draft picks. Remember the Rams had a Super Bowl team before trading for Stafford, Miller, and when they traded for Ramsey, they did not make the playoffs that year. So they had a dominating RB, DT, on the 2018 Super Bowl Team and then a dominating DT, CB, QB, DE on the 2021 Super Bowl Team all surrounded by good and very good players.

Case in point is why the Cowboys change so quickly to a Super Bowl Team with trading for dominating player Charles Haley. This is because they a drafted good players who became very good players. Having so many of the good draft picks becoming very good, they made the playoffs, and won a wild card game on the road the year before Haley. On offense they had a QB, OL, RB, and WR that were dominating players and acquired them through the draft like the defensive players.

So this Arlington Jonesboys team is not good enough for a Rams trade away draft picks for a Super Bowl strategy. Stay the course on defense and offense drafting good players, have them develop into good players, very good or dominating players. Then when you have a consistent playoff contender, go get your dominating player to get over the hump. It can be done through the draft like the Dallas Cowboys did with Tony Dorsett or trade like Charles Haley only when they were one dominate player away.

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