Game Footage Review: OG McGovern

I'll start with my conclusion:

– I reviewed all of this snaps vs KC/Saints/Washington.

– If only 1 interior OL is added, I would prefer to upgrade OC and play McGovern at LG.

– Obviously an All Pro upgrade at both positions would be nice, but unlikely this season.

LG Connor Williams struggled with penalties and was replaced for 4 games by Connor McGovern.

– The overall OLine didn't improve during that time and Connor Williams regained the starting role.

I had said prior to the McGovern experiment that CM would not be an upgrade over CW.

– i.e. I was not 'Pro McGovern'.

– Having said that, it was the logical decision to try McGovern due to CW's penalty issues.

McGovern Game Footage

– McGovern was better than I remembered.

– His issues were primarily mental (technique/awareness/angles).

– He has 'good enough' power and athleticism.

– He managed to hold up to Chris Jones in the KC game on most snaps.

– There were a couple of snaps where Jones whipped him, but Chris Jones does that to many OLinemen.

– The bigger issue was the overall OLine.

– If CM or CW had played between prime years Tyron and Frederick, then they would have been OK.

– Instead the OC was Biadasz and LT Tyron was out for 6 games.

– Steele is good at RT but not at LT. Nsekhe is a career backup.

– Summary:

– He looked capable but tentative. Almost like a young QB that has ability but tends to panic.

– I'm somewhat surprised they didn't give him another start.

– They won 2 of the 4 games that McGovern started at LG including the final 2.

OL Coach

– It has come out this off-season that the OL coach favored CW over McGovern.

– It was a McCarthy decision to try McGovern.

– CW didn't have penalty issues until McCarthy and staff were hired.

– The Packers OL under McCarthy were known for a specific method of holding.

– This holding technique was against the rules but subtle enough to avoid excessive penalties.

– I think the OL coach supported Connor Williams because he is the one that taught him to hold.

– There have been articles about the Green Bay holding technique and sports talk discussions about it.

– GB's approach was similar to the Legion of Boom and their approach to penalties.

– Basically the LoB strategy was that eventually the Refs would give up calling penalties.

– The league requires refs to limit penalties to keep game times within limits.

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