Run The Ball Stop The Run

I said it before and I will say it again. You must RUN THE BALL and STOP THE RUN in NOVEMBER and DECEMBER to get into the playoffs and contend for a SUPER BOWL.

The Arlington Jonesboys refuse to adhere to this proven philosophy and fact. The real Dallas Cowboys run the ball and stop the run November and December. That is why there was Doomsday I, II, III, and real defensive Head Coaches named Landry, and Johnson (Hell No to Quinn). After he got his stadium, Jerry Dumbo GM Jones ran off Parcells who was building Doomsday IV. Jerry Jones wasted Parcells defense with Winne the Pooh (Son of a Bum) and OC/Head Coaches like Garrett and Moore having Romo (who was not a franchise QB) throwing the ball +30 times a game, and a worst passer like Dak throwing the ball +30 times (who is not a franchise QB/great passer able to throw you to wins).

All the true Dallas Cowboys norms are broken with these Arlington Jonesboys. Dallas Cowboys nearly undefeated when the have a 100 yard rusher. Dallas Cowboys undefeated with a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter, Dallas Cowboys undefeated with a 20 point lead in the second half, etc. The Arlington Jonesboys are destroying Dallas Cowboys norms and dominate winning traditions.

Let me give a stat to all you Jonesboys fans moaning about Pollard over Elliott. Pollard has 2 100 yard games with Elliott out and the Arlington Jonesboys are 1-1. That is a .500 team. It is what Arlington Jonesboys have been for 27 years? A .500 team. How many consecutive winning seasons did Dallas Cowboys Head Coaches Landry built teams, Jimmy Johnson built teams, and Parcells built teams have? All the Arlington Jonesboys give you is Yo Yo seasons. So it does not matter if you have Elliott rushing for 100 yards a game or Pollard rushing for 100 yards as game, the Arlington Jonesboys are going to find a way to throw the ball +30 times and lose games.

27 years of the same thing shows that Jerry Jones the owner and Jerry Dumbo GM Jones is not committed to winning a Super Bowl. He is only trying, as he puts it, "stay relevant". Jonesboys have a 6-3 record which is 3rd place in the Division and the only team in the division with a .500 record record at home. Dallas Cowboy norm and winning tradition says "win at home and win in your division and we will make the playoffs". That is not a priority for the Arlington Jonesboys just like "run the ball and stop the run".

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