Since We Insist on Keeping Bums, Prescott Needs a Better QB Coach

Is it me?

Or did Dakota P. seem to show the most promise as a player when Romo was in his ear a lot?

Nussmeier has the experience for a job like this. But I think Dakota would just play better if he had a QB coach who had real NFL experience.

I'm certain Romo could do the job better than almost anyone. And as classy as he was, he never seemed to feel threatened by Prescott. He was actually trying to help him win the best he could, even though he wasn't behind center. And Dakota responded well to Romo's advice, I think particularly because he knew Romo was a legit QB trying to help him bring his skill level up NFL speed.

The main thing I see with Dak is, his lack of urgency.

I actually went back to watch Brady's first Super Bowl win last night.

It wasn't pretty.

It was your typical bus driver performance.

In fact, it was pretty awful. Brady is playing better at 44 than he was at 24.. In any case, in that first Super Bowl, you can tell Brady had his head in the game. You can see he wants to win it. And you can see he's focused on trying to give his team the best chance to win.. Not force anything stupid, etc .

Kurt Warner, on the other hand, forced something stupid four separate times, and it cost him twice.

Had he eliminated just one of those, the Rams win.

In any case, I'm fine with the coaching staff from a football standpoint. But they are lacking a bit in other areas like psychology, and anthropology (Belichick is a great anthropologist), and they need a QB coach who brings the best out of Dakota P. and coaches him up enough to take the risks needed to win without throwing the game being stupid ala Kurt Warner.

Using Brady as an extreme metric or comparison for Dakota P at least allows us to see how even the best quarterbacks in the game are really just bus driving bums after all.

So, it's a mindset that our team doesn't have.

You can see the mindset and cohesiveness the Patriots have as a team in that game and that kind of has little to do with the players and very much the coaches.

They surely didn't win that game from what Brady did.

It was more about what Brady didn't do.

So if we're keeping king bum beater, at least bring him a decent QB coach because chances are we'll have to face some elite QBs along the way.

And maybe our defense can bail out Dakota like the defense bailed out Brady in his first Super Bowl win, and prove all the haters wrong.

I think there's a small chance that can happen, even with the average QB play we're currently getting from Dakota, but he has to have the right coaches around him.

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