Great Win and Nothing is New Its Football

The Dallas Cowboys were built on defense first, running game second, special teams third, and passing fourth. For a f

The Cowboys first pick was an impact defensive player, the great draft of 1964 gave you Hayes, Staubach, and Renfro, 1974 no.1 overall pick was a DE name Too Tall, 1975 dirty dozen draft was defense and OL starting with Randy White, 1969-72 draft gave you 1st rounders Calvin Hill, Duane Thomas, and 2nd round Robert Newhouse, 1977 RB Tony Dorsett, 1985 RB Herschel Walker, 1990 RB Emmitt Smith, from 1991-1993 all first round and multiple 1st round picks were defense (excluding Harper).

You get to contend for Super Bowls with defense wins championships, run to win, pass to score, and get special on special teams. That is the Cowboys way that Jerry Dumbo GM Jones has ignored on purpose. Except for the stupid Cee Dee Lamb draft pick the Cowboys (see McClay) have had drafts that focused on defense and OL 2 of the last 3 years. Defense wins championships and you run to win.

Nothing has changed in football in 100 years including the forward pass. Even 2000 "the greatest show on turf" had a top 10 defense (defense sealed the win) and a RB named Marshall Faulk. The next year the defense was ranked 31st and got knocked out in the wild card game.

You play defense, run the ball, and don't turn it over, you are going to contend for a Super Bowl. If we go back to the Romo/Dak years and days of throwing the ball 40 times a game, you will continue the last 26 years of no NFC Championship game.

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