Scouting Is Simple Drafting is Hard

2 great personnel men both taught me the same thing when it comes to scouting a player. BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES SEE. Don’t believe the report, the coach, the family, the agent, the pastor, the teacher, and never believe the player. What you see on the field is what you are going to get.

A slow player will always be slow. Draft speed. A strong fast player will always be strong and fast. Draft strength and speed. A playmaker will always make plays. Always draft a playmaker with size, strength or speed. Believe what your eyes see. Here are my top 10 Believe What You See for the 2023 draft.

1. Jalen Carter is the best player in this draft. He comes from Warren Sapps high school and is just as crazy but just as good and bigger and a tenth of a second slower at 4.8. He makes the game look easy in the trenches. Believe what you see.

2. CJ Stroud is the best throwing QB in this draft class. Did you see him have a bad game. Did you see him make throws at the combine like it was his OSU Pro Day. Believe what you eyes see.

3. Will Anderson is the cleanest, safest, and most solid player in this draft. He is not Micah Parson in ability to take over games. But, he is a franchise pass rushing DE/LB that can also play the run. He has the best character to go with size, speed, and playmaking ability. He hustles every play. He fits most of Parcell’s drafting requirements except three year starter (but he is a redshirt Jr.). Believe what you see.

4. There are no WRs in this draft that have Top 10 rated talent. There is not even a CeeDee Lamb.

5. Everybody who needs a TE is going to get a TE in this draft that will be in the NFL for 7-12 years. Super year for TEs. There are no Kellen Winslows but there are a bunch of Jason Wittens who was a 3rd round pick.

6. Anthony Richardson is what he is a 6-4-240, 4.4 40yd time football QB athlete. There is a reason high school recruiting has the QB position of QB athlete. That means he can run, catch, throw but can not play pocket passer QB yet. The NFL is not a developmental league. Believe what you see. Go back and watch CJ Stroud throw the ball longer that Richardson with the same effortlessness.

7. If you are short and frail, you are going to stay short and frail. See Bryce Young. He is not 5-11-215 pound Russell Wilson and not 6-0-213 pound Drew Brees. Does your NFL team have the same dominance of a Nick Saban Alabama OL? Believe what you see.

8. Bijan Robinson is no where near Ezekiel Elliott, Marshall Faulk, or Ladanlian Tomlinson. If he was why didn’t he elevate Texas from average college team like all the other RB did their Universities. Because he his a solid RB not a franchise RB. Disappeared in big games. Believe what your eyes see.

9. OL and DL are the safest positions to draft in the 2023 draft. 20 players in the top 50 are OL or DL positions. This should be a trench warfare draft for the Cowboys.

10. Forbes ranks the top in the world. Emmanuel Forbes is the top CB in this draft because of what I said earlier. Always draft a playmaker. CBs no.1 job is to cover. no.2 is to take the football away and no.3 only the great ones do it….Score a pick 6. True Freshman led the NCAA in defensive touchdowns scored (3) … Ranked tied for No. 3 nationally and led the SEC in interceptions (5) in the SEC. He probably weighed less that 170 pounds as a true freshman but you can not coach 4.35 speed 38" vertical jump. Anthony Carter WR, Michigan, played 11 seasons in the NFL at the same height and weight making multiple Pro Bowls. Believe What You Eyes See.

Draft the Best Available Player of Need by believing what your eyes see.

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