Where do we go from here?

Another year ends short of every player, coach, and fan’s goal. To win the Super Bowl… A world championship.

As frustration mounts and fans are tortured with increasing media (traditional and social) scrutiny, in many circles it feels like the Cowboys are at a crossroads.

First off, the good.

We are coming off of back-to-back 12-win seasons, took a step forward with advancing a round in the playoffs, and have a very young, talented core/team.

Our supporting coaching staff is highly regarded around the league with our coordinators taking head coaching interviews this and last off-season.

Our front office seems to be excelling in the draft and that has helped keep our team competitive even as we sort of transition.

The bad.

We have a number of key players coming up in free agency.

  • Tony Pollard
  • Dalton Schultz
  • Terrence Steele
  • Connor McGovern
  • LVE
  • Anthony Brown
  • Donovan Wilson
  • PK and LS

Dak appears to be improving in certain areas but has regressed in ball security and decision-making in crunch time

Our coaching staff, especially on offense, seems to be rather inconsistent and some of the same old issues keep coming up. Time management, situational play calling, etc.

Zeke looks to have slowed and is, most likely, going to be cut and the heir apparent has a broken leg and a 3-month recovery timeline. (in addition to his free agency)

So, where do we go from here...

If it were up to me… I’d move on from the entire coaching staff and do what I have to do to bring in Sean Peyton. Many on this board will say that Peyton isn’t much different than McCarthy. But I’d point out one big difference. McCarthy got fired in Green Bay… He sat out for a year because he wasn’t receiving any interest from teams. You can see, Sean Peyton is up for every open job. He is not only drawing interest… he is commanding the terms. I’m not certain that Mike would get another job in the league. Mike is fine… but we can’t settle with fine. We need leadership that can maximize the players we have under contract (Primarily, Dak) and find ways to win in the margins.

One thing that became clear to me in the 49ers game, we don’t have enough difference-makers. Sean would be a difference-maker.

I’ve heard Vic Fangio tied to Peyton and that would be a great DC hire.

I’d move on from Elliot, Pollard, and Schultz completely. (Mostly due to financial reasons)

I’d try to resign LVE, McGovern, Hankins, Steele (pending medical), and Wilson… I’d let Maher compete for the job next year with others. The rest of the list I’d move on from.

I’d kick the tires on OBJ again in FA, and look for options to bolster the front 7.

I’d look to draft Bijan Robinson late in the first round if available and bolster our OL and Secondary in the remainder of the draft.

Obviously, this isn’t an all-encompassing list but just a few things that I think would put us in the best position to win next year, given the contracts and commitments we have.

If you’re going to say anything about cutting Dak or whatever, save it, you can’t do it and we won’t do it.

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