My thoughts on the Cowboys’s Draft

I went into this draft with low expectations. Not just for the Cowboys but for the draft as a whole. It was a historically 'bad draft'. I think I read somewhere that the Cowboys only had 15/16 guys with first-round grades?

I didn't have Tyler Smith on my radar and was a little miffed at the pick when we made it. I like the need it could potentially fill but, who? LOL

So I watched some tape on him. Specifically, every snap he had in the Ohio State Game and a lot of the OKState game. WOW!!! THIS DUDE IS A MONSTER! I've never in my 20 years of evaluating players in the draft seen a tackle just ragdoll people the way he did. I've never seen a tackle just set a seal block with the level of ease he does. He has some flaws… he has issues with, what looks like grabbing when players get into his body. It almost appears like he is too big and it's just a jumble of arms and body. If he learns to just let the defender fall down and lay on them, that problem is solved. I don't recall one instance where he got beat in the tape I saw. It's bound to happen, but impressive stuff.

Sam Williams. Another one where I was looking at my TV with the "stink eye" I wanted Nacobe Dean there. But watching Williams on tape gives me a lot to like. He will rack up sacks. (This isn't a new thought, but it's accurate) he needs work but the god-given ability is there to make an early impact.

Jalen Tolbert… was a great pick. I would have loved it in the second. He catches the ball cleanly, with his hands, runs good routes, and has a good route tree. He will be plug-and-play and give us great depth with Gallup and his injury history.

Jake Fergeson. another need pick that if you look hard enough, it's Jason Witten. He ran like crap at the combine and didn't play in an offense at Wisconsin that featured him but he is a great catcher of the football. Like Witten. Gets Open. Plays faster than he is. Willing blocker. He can come in and be a TE2 and take over TE1 next year if needed.

Waletzko… Who knows. Don't love this pick but it is the 5th round.

Bland… Another 5th round pick. He's a lotto ticket. They all are at this point.

Clark. This pick was the second pick I actually loved and was hoping we'd make at the time. Spinal Fusion is not a death nail. The Cowboys don't do everything well… but they do know their medical. This guy could be a STEAL!!

Ridgeway. This pick got me pumped. I've sat on here and read "why can't we get a run-stuffing DT??" Well, boys, WE DID!!! He might not get a sack a year playing every snap but he will keep our LBs clean and plug up the middle.

Harper, a ST guy, LB Depth. Lotto ticket. Small but fast. Could fit in sub-packages and ST?

If you made it this far! Congrats!!! You get a cookie! 🙂 Enjoy the conversation.

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