My 2 Cents on Dak and MM

After reading all the posts on here after the 49ers game, it was easy to get the impression that Dak is nothing more than a bus driver that will never take us to the Superbowl. And I do understand these reactions since he, for a big part, cost the Cowboys the game.

However, I do think these reactions are a bit of an overreaction. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think Dak is an elite QB. I do think he deserves a good part of the blame for the loss. If you consider his entire body of work as the Cowboys QB, he has proven himself to be an above-average QB. I also think that he can take the Boys to the Superbowl.

The only way he will take the Boys to the promised land is if he has coaches who hold him accountable for his play. It is this accountability not only for Dak but for the entire team that is sorely missing. This responsibility falls squarely on McCarthy’s shoulders. Since MM arrived, the Boys have been an undisciplined and underachieving team. Some fans believe MM has done a good job but the reality is that he is only a figurehead. Most of the credit belongs to his coordinators. It is obvious to anyone that takes a look at the abundance of evidence that is there. There have consistently been penalties, slow starts to big games, lack of discipline, lack of intensity, and a lack of leadership (to be fair the Boys have done better with penalties over the last few games).

Dak provided us with the evidence when he told the media that he was being coached to stay aggressive!! That is the PROBLEM!! MM should be coaching him to rein in the aggression and be more conservative. Dak has been coddled and given too much freedom to manage the offense. He needs an offensive coordinator who will get in his face when he throws pick-6’s and order him to run the ball when the receivers aren’t open. He needs a head coach who will have the guts and leadership to bench his arse when he throws multiple interceptions in a game even if it just for one series. Without this leadership and accountability, nothing will change.

All we have to do to see the evidence for more conservatism is take a look at Dak’s stats last year. He had 37 TD’s and only 10 INT’s. That’s almost a 4 to 1 ratio, which is in the elite category. He played more conservative because of his coming off the ankle injury. He was not being coached to be more aggressive. He didn’t force it and he let the game come to him. It was obvious to me that Dak was forcing it in the 49ers game just like the Washington game.

Okay, now that I have gotten that off my chest, you can now tear me to shreds.

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