Types of Cowboys Fans

I’ve found that there are many types of Cowboys fans and I thought it would be fun to group them up and discuss. It is mid-July after all.

Old School Fans: No one is better than Laundry, Roger, and the crew from way back when. Doesn’t matter what they do today. They are inferior and they are going to tell you all about it regardless of the thread.

New School Fans: Jumped on the bandwagon more recently and don’t know much outside of this squad. Usually here to comment something harmless like "I think he will be a good player" and leave a like

The Internet GM/Expert: They are here breaking news and giving their feedback on a signing, draft pick, or injury and doing so from a team perspective. They will share tape and help explain the nuances of the game. They talk cap and usually bring many fans here back to reality. Very pro Cowboys but seem to be more knowledgeable about football than most

The dreamer: Here to talk about every free agent, a possible trade, or any other "pie in the sky" thing the talking heads at ESPN or online are pushing. They seem to be fixated on big names and big ideas.

The Dunce: Don’t know the players’ names. Don’t seem to understand how things work. Can’t understand the rules of the game or why we have to follow them. Constantly getting corrected by others.

The Trolls: Eagles fans in disguise. They just come here to hate on the team and get people going. Too many to mention, but most of us know who they are.

What do you think? What group did I miss? Do you fall into a group?

Enjoy the "Dak-Free" conversation.

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