What to do when you’re stuck with two things you don’t want

Whether any of us like it or not, we are stuck with two things most of us are very tired of:

  1. Jerry Jones as GM (and his cheap son)
  2. Dak Prescott

There are a hundred threads about how and why Dak needs to go. A million more about nearly three decades of Jerry failures and repeated stupid mistakes. Yada, yada, yada. I’m as frustrated as anyone. But folks they’re both going to be back next year. Dak’s here at least two more seasons. Jerry will be the face of this organization until he takes a dirt nap.

So what could be done if we’re stuck with both? Essentially it’s the old idea about what to do when you don’t have enough apples to go around. You make applesauce.

The two ideas I believe this team desperately need are centered around finding new voices in both the front office and in the ear of Dak Prescott.


  • HIRE A NEW FRONT OFFICE ADVISOR (An Assistant GM) I know Jerry will never step aside, but what if he hired an advisor? A shadow GM. A guy who could whisper to Jerry and Stephen a modern blueprint for this organization to follow to build a winner.
    • JJ and SJ simply play fantasy football. They don’t get it. The only thing separating us from disaster is Will McClay. He is a great talent evaluator but he doesn’t get to sign FAs. Maybe Will McClay could be that guy who modernizes this FO to become more aggressive In FA. Or someone else.
    • BOTTOM LINE: We need some new talent and a voice in the front office. WE LOST THE SF GAME THIS PAST OFFSEASON. The way we do things DOES NOT WORK. WE NEED NEW DIRECTION.


  • HIRE A NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR/QBs COACH: Hire a new OC. Someone who can coach Dak back to who he really is. A good but not great QB who is definitely not transcendent. He will never ever be a gunslinger who carries a team. He needs help. And good coaching. Kellen Moore ain’t that guy.
    • I believe Dak IS someone you can win multiple playoff games with, but in the mold of someone like Mark Rypien, Phil Simms or Jim Plunkett. Good enough but not transcendent. Dak must be surrounded by a good OL and a strong running game that keeps the defense honest. And get back to being a guy he was early in his career- careful with the ball.
    • Also, Dak has forgotten who he really is as a QB. He stopped being that careful QB he was when he came into the league and started believing he was a gunslinger, which he clearly is not. In his rookie year, Dak only threw 4 picks in 16 games.
    • In this current era of pro football where the passing game has become the coin of the realm, many of our fans have been lulled into thinking only a top shelf gunslinger, who can carry a team on his arm is capable of winning SBs. But guys like that- Mahomes, Brady, Rodgers…maybe a couple more…are really one in a million. Dak clearly is not one of those guys.
    • BOTTOM LINE: We need a new offense and OC. And more offensive weapons besides Pollard and Lamb.


  • Draft a QB every other year to always have a young guy not just as a backup but someone who could possibly be the next starter.
    • Look at what SF did this year-drafting Brock Purdy when they already had Trey Lance as their future and Jimmy G as insurance. It was a wise move we never make.

Finally- we need to have an aggressive off-season. It’s great to have good drafts but in today’s NFL, it‘s not enough. If we go into this off-season with the same approach we’ve had the last several years, don’t expect different results.

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