What’s your plan to upgrade our WR room?

-Lamb has earned himself an extension and he should be getting one in the near future.

-Gallup has an out in his contract after next season, came back too early and was a shell of his former self.

-Brown was a miscast as a starting receiver and probably price himself off the roster now.

-Hilton most likely won’t return and go back to being retired.

-Tolbert/Semi-haven’t produced much at all since they were drafted.


-Team needs a legitimate #2 receiver opposite Lamb.

-Depth has to improve as our backup receivers gave the team virtually nothing.

Free Agency/Draft

-Very weak free agent class, wr’s in the draft are reportedly deep, but lack any elite prospects

-Trade Market-Hopkins (will cost a high pick and we have to resign him), Cooks (Huge contract), Jeudy (High draft pick, have his option next yr)

Beckham is probably the best fa WR available, Cooks/Juedy will cost a day 2 pick. Can use 26 to land a starting wr, but they will need some development.

My plan would be signing Beckham and a player like Randall Cobb, who shouldn’t cost much now.

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