Smart move will let both Zeke/Pollard go!

In my opinion, no need to discuss Zeke Elliot, he is finished and shouldn’t come back in any capacity.

Pollard is a whole other discussion, he is a true homerun hitter where he can score anytime he touches the football, could even be better if the coaches allow him to be the guy, involve him in the screen/passing games. However, he is coming off serious injury that can affect his greatest strength-his explosiveness.

Extending running backs has been disasterous in today’s game. Almost all running backs with their 2nd contracts fall off the cliff, we seen it with Zeke, Gurley and Bell. Look at the playoff teams, most have running back committees that are very cap friendly or have dual threat running backs that take on most of the load.

Yes, Pollard doesn’t have much wear and tear, but they can draft multiple backs that can give them similar production at 1/3 the price.

This year is a very talented, deep, running back class, select one high (1-3) and another one on day 3. Could always sign a cheap veteran in fa as well.

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