Thoughts about yesterday’s sloppy win


-I wouldn’t be so concerned with the penalties yesterday, teams in short weeks don’t play their best football.

-Dak has to be more aware of where they are driving the football. Cannot take chances when you are in fg range, at worst they should of been tied at halftime.

-Tyler Smith probably had his worst game, but the Giant rookie had a lot to do with that, he looks like a future problem to the division.

-If we can get Zeke playing like yesterday, our run game will be very difficult to stop.

-We are getting nothing out of Noah Brown, we really could use another impactful receiver.


-Anthony Brown is starting to get exposed as teams are avoiding Diggs. Hooker always seems late and Brown has poor in the air ball skills.

-Did well against the run, although it was a weird called game by the Giants, Jones never used his legs and they were throwing more then they usually do.

-Parsons had another 2 sack game against a quality tackle.

Special Teams

-nothing really stood out, Maher missed a kick in garbage time.

Knew this game was going to be tougher then many realized. 3-1 in the division heading into the stretch run puts this team in excellent shape

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