Is there enough money for a quality coaching staff?

I could be wrong but this owner does not like paying big coach salaries and particularly to coaches out the door. Which is why they waited to let these contracts expire as well as Garrett’s.

I also assume Moore made some concessions to get out of his contract as part of his side of the deal.

The Joneses have never seemed to value coaching highly and Parcells was here only as means to an end.

I am also assuming Quinn got another bump to stay but at what expense? Does that mean less to go around for the rest of the staff?

Every time I read what Payton is wanting and saw the Cowboys anywhere in that article, I laughed. Think he is paying any HC 20M a year? And while on that subject, if Payton were to take them to the SB, who do you think gets credit? Him or the man that hired him. This owner has already been down that road and that wasn’t good enough for him. And because of the media, the perception of Payton v McCarthy is totally distorted.

I think the requirements list for these coaches has their salary right at the top of the list and that should not be but there are many things about this team that should not be.

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