Thoughts/observations/opinions about yesterday’s game


-We were playing backups against their 1’s to start the game. Certainly the OL struggled, but almost every backup line would. It’s an issue around the entire league, lack of quality depth.

-Need to remember the WCO is more three step drops and fire, less time will be needed to protect.

-Thought Dowdle/Vaughn were far more explosive then Luek and Davis. Dowdle had a bad fumble, but looked real good. Really excited to see what MM will do with the likes of Pollard, Duece and Turpin within the offense. Think they will keep 3 at the RB position.

-Tolbert looked like a different player, made a terrific catch on the sideline with a very iffy pi call. Houston made some plays with the 3rd team. Simi had a few WR screens.

-Ferguson looked the part, Stephens made a few plays, think McKeon might be on the outside looking in.


-Thought both Overshown, Clark looked terrific, they might be the future tandem. Harper was also impressive. I think they are going with youth this year.

-Fowler, Sam looked good in limited snaps. I. Land was very disruptive, wonder if he might be a player they can hide on the PS squad.

-Mazi looked good against the run, but didn’t show much as a pass rusher, this is expected early on in his career. What was surprising to me is to see both Gallimore/Golston playing late in the 4th quarter, this suggests both are on the bubble.

-Secondary struggled. The team needs another corner to emerge out of the group of Scott, Muku, Wright, Joseph-thought all of them struggled. Thomas the safety got the early interception and is making a strong case for a roster spot.

Special Teams

-Turpin has to protect the football, that is his #1 job. Cannot flip field position.

-Saw all the running backs play special teams, this is very important to be active on gameday.

-I can see why the team likes their new kicker, but he has to make all his makeable kicks. Missing an extra point wasn’t good, but they will be patient with him.

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