Really believe the Cowboys should follow the 49ers template or their offense!

49ers are known to be a very physical, run first team. Their success on the ground goes hand in hand with their passing game. All their skill players strength lies with their ability to get yards after the catch. They went to a Super Bowl with a game manager and almost did it again with a QB that was the last pick in the draft.

Fix their run game-starts with having a better rushing plan and then finding the right personnel. Pollard could be that homerun back and really be a weapon as a receiver. Draft a physical, change of pace back to replace Zeke with. Look to improve the interior of our OL. Find lineman who can get a consistent push in the run game and are athletic enough to hit moving targets in space. Incorporate a Full Back.

Find receivers who excel in gaining yards after catch. Remember, the WCO is more of a short passing offense that relies on their receivers to take a 5 yard catch and turn it into a 20 one. Look for physical specimens to can go get the football and rack up yards in the open field.

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