Under-Appreciated Cowboys Gems

Dallas has some extremely valuable coaches and players. Very underrated. Some will stay, and sadly some are/will soon be gone without ever receiving proper recognition. I never cease to be amazed that some of these get minimized or even vilified.

Donavan Wilson

Absolute dawg-baller. Down-hill tackler. Reliable. Sells out to hit.​

Tony Pollard

Seems like only in the past couple months have most of the fans here finally come to appreciate Pollard for what he is – top 5 NFL all-purpose running back.​

Dan Quinn

Have you so quickly forgotten the long-suffering pathetic state of the defense before Quinn came? Now we are getting turnover and have top ten defense by yardage and points.​

Terence Steele

Zach Martin went out of his way to praise Steele’s road grading ways. Superior in the run game, quite adequate vs. pass rush. A step and a quarter removed from all-pro. 73.9 PFF score​

Tank Lawrence

Stout against the run and the pass. Physical. Savvy.​

Jayron Kearse

Versatile. Aggressive. Rangy. Long. Smart​

Kellen Moore

He was a coaching hod rod open for hire for 5 minutes before the Chargers gobbled him up. OC’s with his credentials (top marks in 3 of 4 seasons in points/yardage and many other metrics) simply don’t hit the open market. I was embarrassed for those of you who failed to appreciate what we had with Moore. You will rue his departure.​

Tyron Smith

Future Hall-of-Famer willing to switch positions without complaint? The guy still gets elite marks for his performance when he’s out there.​

Dak Prescott

Yup he’s on the list. He ain’t top eight, maybe not top twelve… but some of you are nuts in thinking Dak is junk. Maybe he’s not a gem every game, but only a handful of QBs are.​

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