A new OC will be great for the team

So we all know the Garrett / Linehan / Moore was stale. We knew it for 12 years now. Except when when the made sure to have a run game, only to abandon it too many times. It was predictable, and how many times and years have defensive players say this.

Dak and others, especially Dak, and Moore were so accustom and comfortable with it. I think they all became lazy. Just go out and go through the motion, beat your man mentality. Which was out after the 90’s SB’s.

Now a new OC, and a new scheme, will force the players and especially Dak, to prove they are worth their pay and to retain.

Will it spark them to be better to keep their jobs here.

In the business world there is nothing like cutbacks and layoffs, to light a fire for some to perform better, as they do not want to be next on the chopping block. Yes, pro sports is much different with guaranteed contracts. But it is still the same basic principal. No one wants to be told …we don’t need you anymore for lack of performance…

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