Will Dallas Really Run More in 2023? Why?

Big Mike has declared, "I want to run the damn ball!" Many here cheer that message on. Pound the rock, baby!

Hmmm…..What would more running look like?

We were pass happy under Kellen Moore, right? Well…quite the opposite, in fact. In 2022 Dallas had the sixth most carries in the NFL. 531 rushing plays.

Interesting to look at the five teams who ran the ball more than Dallas:

-Falcons, Bears, Eagles, Commanders and Browns. Of those only the Eagles had a winning record.

-The Eagles had more carries than Dallas, but 30% of all Eagles carries were by QB Jalen Hurts. A lot of that on scrambles.

When you adjust for QB scramble runs…Kellen Moore called more run plays than even the Eagles.

It could be argued that the Falcons, Bears, Commanders and Browns only ran so much because they lacked a skilled passer. It sure didn’t work out for them

So I ask you: Do you really think Big Mike is going to increase the reliance on the run game? And for the run-heavy fans here…walk me through it. WHY!?

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