The Perspective Cooper Rush Provided

Put down your torch and pitchfork. I’m not here to tell you Cooper Rush is Tom Brady 2.0.

Daks injury provided a very interesting situation this year. It showed the difference between our franchise qb with a really good team and a undrafted guy with a really good team.

Now we have the full picture. Cooper actually played solidly to win 4 out of 5 games, considering 3 (almost 4) teams were playoff teams, and one almost won the afc ship and the other will probably win it all. Against the litmus of what Cooper faced each week, he played consistently. Not as a great qb, but as a decent one on a good team that didn’t make stupid mistakes.

Which brings us to Dak. In a word, inconsistent…in record, in play, and in fan opinions. He won some games extravagantly, and had some gut wrenchingly pointless losses. I think comparing him to Cooper, he solidly confirmed what a lot of people have said on this board. He’s too inconsistent to get the team all the way. Everyone loves the Dak that played Minnesota or TB in the playoffs. Everyone hates the Dak that played the 49ers or TB in the opener.

Through a mixture of flaws that randomly appear play to play, game to game, I think it’s time to admit the gap between Rush and Dak is way smaller than the gap between Dak and top tier qbs. It’s just the inconsistency. Turns out he’s exactly what we drafted…a day 3 project pick. Hopefully the project ends in a year.

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