Thoughts about yesterday’s tough road loss!

First of all, let's take all the emotion out if it, season isn't over after 1 loss. That post yesterday has aged well where someone posted that we are guaranteed to play the Bucs in the opening round of the playoffs. This is why we play the games!


-Appeared we got nothing out of our passing offense from anyone other then Lamb/Shultz. Brown, Gallup cannot continue to be no shows. Understand both are coming back from injuries, but need to give more to the team.

-Both first half interceptions appeared to be on the receiver, but that doesn't excuse Dak from making those decisions. The first one, Dak needs to know the situation, they have 3 points in the bag, no need to take such a risk. This interception turned around the game and led to GB's first TD.

-Cee Dee Lamb's play drive you crazy, looks so good at times, then has a bad drop or runs a poor route that leads to an interception. 2 straight weeks this has happens, where he failed to flattened out his route.

-Thought the McGovern call was questionable at best. Really put them in a tough situation.

-Going for it on 4th and 4 was head scratching, but one thing I did notice was Maher's kickoffs coming short all game. Think he had just 2 returned all season long. This could of been the reason why they decided to go for it.


-Our run defense is at red alert. There was a point in the game where Rodgers just thrown 10 passes into the 3rd quarter with a tie score. Once teams can run the football, play action becomes effective.

-What is disappointing, GB struggled all season long with deep shots, both Brown/Bland gave up big plays and Joseph almost did too. The back breaker was the one Bland gave up on 4th down that could of sealed the game. Watson broke out and had 3 td's and should of had 4.

-Didn't like the idea of Parsons playing full time LB. No issue having him play some off the ball in obvious run downs, but he proved his best position is at DE.

-Thought DLaw was the best defensive player for the team this week.

-This defensive unit has been overrated by several on this board and in the media, you cannot give up a 14 point lead in the 4th qtr if you are an elite defense, you cannot allow a struggling offense to take it down the field and score the winning FG. Keep in mind this team scored 9 points against the Lions last week who have the worst defense in the league, they gave up 31 points yesterday.

Special Teams

-Thought the Cowboys had a big advantage here, they did get a fumble recovery, but that's about it.

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