Thoughts about da Bears

I thought this was more of the so called trap game then last week as it's right before a bye. However, with the Bears playing so well on Monday Night, don't think this Cowboy team now will take them lightly.


-Former Cowboy Coach Eberflus learned under Marinelli with those cover 2 concepts. when he went to Indy, he shout out a good Cowboy Offense. Marinell's like to take away the big play, force teams to drive the entire field and tighten up in the redzone. Dak and the offense need to stay patient.

-Their defense was several good players even without Robert Quinn. Roquan is probably their top guy, but have a very talented secondary. Establish a run game to force them out of those deep coverage shells. This might be a high volume game to Dalton Shultz.

-Their pass rush is considered average at best, Dak should have time in the pocket, but the key is not to force anything. Take what is given.

-Biggest key of all, get a lead and force the Bears to play catch up.


-This offense reminds me of the Giants. No, Barkley, but they are a very good running team, with a committee of backs and a legitimate dual threat QB. This will be a stiff challenge for our poor run defense. Hopefully, they have learned how to play the read option better then what happened in Philly.

-They are a terrible passing offense, I believe Fields is the most inaccurate in the league. Their OL struggles with pass protection. Take away the TE and force Fields to make receptions on the outside.

-On par with the Giant receivers we faced, if not worse. They are below average and that's saying a lot. Key is to not allow Fields to pick up 1st downs with his legs, make him beat us with his arm. Sound familiar? Easier said then done. Need to play zone coverage and spy their QB.

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