Possible rush defense solutions?

This defense is looking more like the one Mike Nolan ran these last 2 weeks, unable to stop the run with any success, result of limited pass rushing opportunities and offenses seeing easy run/pass options in 3rd and manageable distances.

The issues aren't within just one area, it's throughout the personnel and defensive scheme:

-We seen huge gains on the ground both inside and on the edge.

-Defensive Line stunts have created huge rushing lanes to exploit, where backs get to the 2nd level with ease.

-Using 3 safety looks over more of a traditional alignment makes it harder to defend the ground attacks.

-There are some issues with the personnel throughout the unit.

-Lack of discipline or so called gap responsibility.

Some possible solutions:

-Quinn needs to dumb down his scheme, no more stunts/twists up front, has to be more conservative.

-Bring back more of a traditional front with a linebacker replacing Kearse inside the box.

-Play bigger personnel, Zimmer used to employ 2 1 Tech's inside, we might have to do the same. 3-4 Fronts were established to defend the run better, maybe use that alignment more.

-Bench players who freelance and lack discipline. Make them accountable for their play.

-Offense needs to force teams to pass the ball more often by playing ahead.

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