In all honesty, what record do you guys see us ending with after tonight’s game?

Let’s take a look at our schedule:

Vikings- L (This one is pretty obvious. After beating the Bills, The Vikes winning this game will be like taking candy from a newborn baby)

Giants (THANKSGIVING)- L (We don’t play well on Thanksgiving)

Colts- L (We don’t match up well with the Colts)

Texans- W (They’re horrible, although, typically that means the game will be closer than it’s supposed to be.)

Jags- L (Just got a feeling they’ll somehow tear us apart like every other team on this list)

Eagles-L (We can’t even stop the Packers running attack. Our offense sucks. We can’t stop the Eagles in that case unless AJ Brown or Jalen gets hurt before the matchup)

Titans-L (Same as above)

Commanders- W (only because at this point, we would need to tank for a better draft pick, but we won’t because our team doesn’t make the smartest decisions).

We will likely remain in 3rd in the NFCE. I see us ending at 8-9. We’ll likely fall out of our playoff spot and need to look towards the draft and what positions need to be assessed (mostly all of them). I think the playoff teams will be the Seahawks, Eagles, 49ers, Bucs, Vikes, Giants, and possibly the Cards or Packers.

After tonight, I think we can all agree that this team has a significant amount of problems. Some situational (like the constant penalties, which, regardless of the coach, happens every. Single. Season. I’m just going to allude that this team is a penalty goldmine)

Some positional. Our QB sucks but we’re stuck with him until at LEAST 2024, so… no luck there. Zeke needs to be cut. Pollard to be resigned? Not sure. WR position needs upgrading as Ceedee isn’t a WR, Gallup isn’t at full health, and the rest of the WRs are meh. TE’s are whatever. O-line is meh. Defense severely needs upgrading but it needs upgrading every season it seems.

I’m getting off topic, but what do you think our ending record will be? 8-9 or 9-8 at best would be my prediction. If we do somehow make the playoffs, which I severely doubt, we’ll be first round exits. It would honestly be a dumb move to try and scrape by in the playoffs at this point. Might as well tank for a better draft pick.

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