Historic Meltdown

Not so fun fact: Until yesterday the Dallas Cowboys were 195-0 when leading by 14 or more pts going into the fourth quarter. Make that 195-1. THAT was an historic meltdown to a team that was reeling.

Honestly- There is plenty of blame to go around for this loss:

  • Dak was awful at times yesterday. Poor decisions, inaccurate throws. Not a good day for #4.
  • Receivers were lazy on multiple routes- Cedee Lamb and Dalton Schultz practically ran the same route on Dak’s first INT. Lamb’s route running is sloppy.
  • It’s Kellen Moore’s 4th season as OC. Yesterday he looked like a rookie OC again. The Cowboys ran the ball well but did not stick with it at critical moments.
  • Penalties…again. The Tolbert penalty was pee wee football stupid. Lining up offsides is stupid for a defensive player- BUT for a WR??? Inexcusable. And stupid penalties overall were once again a central cause for a loss. Donovan Wilson’s mindless hit out of bounds…Just stupid.
  • The team’s supposed strength- the Defense- cannot stop the run. Period. And then there’s the poor tackling.

Yesterday’s loss probably cost them any shot at the division. The season is far from over. Eight games are left. This team still has plenty of chances to do something. But when you see the same old problems over and over…it makes it harder to believe in this entire organization.

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