How would you grade this year’s FA class?

I was expecting 1 big WR in either fa or the trade market, thought OBJ was the favorite. Wanted both Hankins, Robinson to fortify the NT position and thought they would either resign Lve or sign Bobby Wagner.

What they did:

-Did add a veteran receiver via the trade market in Cooks, but were also able to restructure his deal.

-Lve was resigned, but surprisingly they also were able to keep Donovan Wilson

-Probably the biggest surprise was them adding a legitimate #2 corner in Gilmore

-Just did resign Hankins back, but it doesn’t appear Robinson is in play, rather they are going to bring back Watkins

-Cooper Rush was also an important resigning.

-They were able to restructure Tyron Smith Contract based on his availability.

-Smartly they decided to move on from Zeke all together

-Nobody likes to see the tag used for a running back

-Did lose Shultz, McGovern, Brown

-Failed to find a kicker

Have to give the front office an A- grade. They were able to retain their key defensive role players, added a legitimate #2 WR/CB and made some good decisions about veteran contracts. All this and they still have room to do even more, along with Zeke’s money coming in June.

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