This Team Actually Goes as Micah Parsons Goes

Jerry says this team goes as Zeke goes. But what he really means is, this team goes as Micah Parsons goes.

I don't care what anyone says, Micah sets the tone on this team, leads the culture.

If you really break down what Jerry is saying there, it's actually a hint to Micah Parsons: keep playing at your level, and you'll get paid like Zeke.

Are some of you who are crying about Zeke now going to hate on Parsons when he gets old, which is inevitable? And gets paid.

I'm just asking.

Because I truly believe what I'm saying here.

Listen to Jerry's words.

In the beginning of the season, he talked about "availability," which meant playing through injuries, like our boy Zeke did.

He likely took some damage to his body for playing last year until the playoffs, and he's still a very good back in the NFL, particularly because of his playing style. I mean, by no means is he done yet.

So, to me, while Zeke is an example of toughness, I fully believe he means that as a message to Micah since I believe he also knows this teams actually goes as Parsons goes.

Man, what a great job by pretty much this entire team. I usually have a few players I don't like every year. But I can't really find one this year, and I think that's because I think not only is Parsons a great individual talent, he makes everyone around him better for reasons other than his talent.

So this team goes like Micah goes, especially if Micah gives it his all like Zeke and plays through nagging injuries with his level of toughness.

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