I’m Just Realizing How Much I Like Jalen Brooks

First of all, I think we drafted some players who fans are underestimating, and I think many, if not all can contribute year one. We all know Mazi Smith’s roll is to help stop the run. He may have a little more in him than meet’s the eye to some, but let’s move on. I think Schoonmaker will separate himself as a go-to guy, which is what he was at Michigan. At Michigan, he just kinda hung around and blocked until they really needed him. Then he’d come up big. That’s what I expect from Schoonmaker in his first year with the Cowboys. He’s sneaky good, and that’s kinda what you need. People will be in for a surprise, if he stays healthy, I suspect.

Then, there’s Overshown. Man, where do I start with this guy. There’s a reason we drafted him. He’s like that guy Dave Campbell described when he got back from scouting Woodson. And make no mistake. This dude has some Woodson in him. Then, Fehoko, and I’ve raved about him in another thread. But one player I think I initially underestimated was is Richards. He’s technically sound, and uses his leg strength and technique as good as any rookie. His lack of bench press wouldn’t be noticeable if you didn’t see it on paper. Then, even I have been sleeping on Eric Scott Jr. Man, he’s got some game to him. He reminds me of another guy Asthma Field and I were discussing, from Utah, Clark Phillips. Just a lankier, rangier version. Deuce Vaugh, again, he’s going to ball out, and people are going to be like whaaat?

Watch out.

But this last guy, I think could very be the sneaky need this team needs, a 4th WR who can make Gallup more of a number 2 if needed. He’s not blazing fast. But he is super scrappy and super-savvy in his route running. He may not get you 1,000 yards year one, or whatever. But he can very possibly be that guy who comes up clutch on 3rd down. He has a lot of that element that made Michael Gallup such a good WR for a rookie, that level of athleticism and acrobatics that you either have or you don’t. There’s no coaching that. But anyway, he has that. And as much favored other players myself, I see why they spent a draft pick while my favorite pet cat went UDFA. There truly may be something there with that player.

Talk smack about the highlights all you want. They are a good indicator more than they are a bad one, and that’s all we fans really have. That, and games on YouTube, so you use what you have. Anyway, I can’t remember the last time I had this much enthusiasm about an upcoming season.

Enjoy this highlight video of all of our draft picks.


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