The Front Office, McClay also Nailed it on the Tight End Group

Say what you want. You could argue they didn't land Cade Otton, or whatever. But I think they still played it nicely. After the draft, I watched lots of film on our players, and I suspected shortly after we drafted Ferguson, then landed Hendershot, that we would be a really good 12 personnel team, as well as 13 personnel in 2023.

I know the stats aren't all that pretty. But these guys are helping our team win games. It's the little things they can all do, including the fact they can be a threat in the passing game, that makes them valuable. I've always thought that TEs make great special teams guys, and playing special teams can teach them things like blocking, so it's a win win.

In any case, what I would like to see Dallas do throughout the remainder of the season is get their TEs more involved in the passing game, as well as blocking game. That should be part of their game-time agenda moving forward during practice is to scheme around their TEs. If they do that, they'll be a tougher team for it in the post season.

I think this holds true for the remainder of the team, not just the TEs. If you know where your weaknesses are, then you should make it a point to work on those weaknesses during the games when it makes sense to work on those areas. Doing that, also makes you less predictable.

You can actually scheme around how to NOT be predictable. And still run some high-percentage plays on which you could convert on as much as the obvious ones. It's really about thinking ahead.

In the past, our coaches and staff haven't done much of that. But this year, you can see they've done some behind the scenes work to get better at it, and them being willing to listen to others has paid off.

Our TE group is why I think we have a good shot moving forward. None all too flashy, but they are all solid weapons. And we have four of them.

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