NFC Beast?

The NFL east after years of being called the Least is now at this time in this season – may be called


Now of course its not quite halfway there; so things could change a lot.

But so far this season certainly looks like a outlier

As regards our Division, still a little early to really tell but so far…..

You look at both the SB teams from last year and BOTH are not very good.

You look at the Bucs and Patriots; pretty sad in comparison with where they have been.

Then you have the Steelers way into the basement (how SWEET THAT IS)

The Packers are floundering and thats being polite.

KC is up and down.

The Bills seem to be, at this moment, the class of the NFL but its close.

Now as regards the Eagles, hard to tell just how much is real and how much is smoke and mirrors

Crazy as it may be, THIS year could see us truly challenging.

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