What is the Strategy?

You came into the season with a three 3rd string quarterbacks. You knew it was a possibility that Dak could be injured. And of course, it happens on the first game.

Now you have to rely on Cooper Rush, who will almost surely lose you the next 3 of 4 games.

And then what? You start the season 0-4, 0-5?

You had money to fill some obvious holes, but you did nothing.

Obviously, the strategy is to tank this year, get a solid position in the draft, sign your key players, restructure, or whatever, then load up for 2023.

At least that seems to be the strategy to me, since there is no urgency to sign a decent QB who can possibly play well enough to get you through the next month to six weeks.

I seriously want to know what the strategy is. The first person to say "they're too dumb for a strategy" or "Jerry this or Jerry that" is moron for the day. Not because they don't have a point, but because it's so redundant.

Serious answers, do you think the Cowboys are really trying to win this year?

Or are they just trying to keep us all mildly entertained?

Is 2022 a tank year to set up for 2023?

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