The QB position needs to be addressed

As title states, the QB position needs to be addressed.

Regardless of how you feel about him, there are facts that cannot be denied. Dak has thrown at least one Interception in every game he has started this season (except the Vikings game). The turnovers HAVE to stop. I don’t care if it’s miscommunication or simple lack of ability, TAKE CARE OF THE BALL. It is his SOLE responsibility to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers and he gets it in the hands of the opposing playmakers. It’s why we lost against the Packers. It’s why we struggle in every first half of games.

That leads me to my next point— STOP THE COLD STARTS. The cold starts HAVE to STOP. When we play Philly. When we play in the playoffs, these little prissy teams like the Colts, Lions, and Bears may allow that to slide, but the Eagles won’t. The 49ers (who are still a good team, mind you. They won 33-17 last night, have CMC, an excellent defense, and a great coaching staff). Even Bucs and Brady. They will not allow this self destruction. And what happens when we self destruct early? We start to throw. And what happens when we throw too much and rely on Dak? We lose. It’d be another wasted year, except worse. A wasted talented defense (with run flaws). Waste of Pollards last cheap and excellent year.

He threw for 170 yards last night and still played poorly. The run game and defense are what saved this team. He had short field on majority of his drives and struggled and was only saved by our run game and ridiculous catches made by Ceedee and Gallup. Something needs to be done. Now we need a plan of action.

Next year’s draft isn’t looking too good for those looking to invest in QBs and we can’t trade. We’ll likely need to draft in 2024 for a QB. We need to prepare now. Sign Pollard, cut Zeke, prepare for Dak to leave in 24/25 ish and go from there.

Until then, we need to make like McVay in 2018 when he got Goff to a Super Bowl. Hide his flaws as much as possible. It will be hard because Dak’s intangibles are much harder to hide that Goff’s, who’s only real intangibility was inability to read a defense.

Anyone else have any input on what should be done? What can we do to assure this team’s chances of success can remain high?

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