Anyone notice the blame game going around the Locker room lately?

I’m not talking about the “good kind of conflict” some of you claim is taking place in the Locker room. I’m talking about the amount of finder pointing.

For example, let’s take the hot topic of the Dak and Ceedee interception. Multiple fans are taking sides: Ceedee ran the wrong route, miscommunication, Dak should’ve been paying attention, he threw into the wrong coverage. Either way you look at it, neither Dak or Ceedee have taken the blame and used this opportunity. If anything, I believe MM and Dak both blamed Ceedee for running the wrong route.

We now have Schultz and Parsons, probably the worst 2 LBs in the league (Parsons isn’t a BAD PLAYER, he’s an excellent one on the edge and at getting after the QB, but as a LB, he’s horrible) talking absolute crap to other players in the locker room when they need to take a good look in the mirror.

Pretty sure Kellen Moore called out Dak in a subtle fashion by saying he changes the play at the line of scrimmage and doesn’t call as many pass plays as previously thought. We have proof of this through watching Rush play vs Dak. The amount of running we did was significantly higher than what we’re doing with Dak. I think I heard Rush yell “kill kill” maybe twice during his streak this season. Dak? Has at least 5 a game.

MM also called out players following the Packers game yet he’s probably most to blame for this game. He just wanted revenge on Aaron. He couldn’t care less about Dallas this game. This was all personal for him and he didn’t pay enough attention to the team and it blew up in his face.

Tolbert, the one WR in the world that lined up offsides, claims the ref told him he was fine. You could take an obvious look to your right and see he was not lined up correctly.

I’m pretty sure there are more examples of this but these are the first ones off the top of my head. My question is: is this a sign of things to come? The team falling apart like it does every year? The defense is crying the same story about being angry and holding each other accountable, pointing fingers when all of them suck just as much as the other. I’m not sure what the answer is at this point. Is anyone else seeing this?

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