A valuable lesson

This season's adversity for the team has toughened them up a bit…but last night's game might have taught them something else.

They played mediocre and let the Colts hang in there for 3 quarters when it should have already been a slaughter. They realized that they could lose if they didn't step up.

The fourth quarter happened and rather than give up or keep doing the same, they stepped up and a historic 33 points (team record) happened in the 4th. What this should teach them is that it's never over. Don't give up. Even if you're down several scores, it's not over yet. They've given up at times in the past.

What it should also teach them: It works both ways. If they step off the throttle, other teams might do to them what they did to the Colts in the 4th quarter. Go for the kill and never relent until the time winds down to zero. Step up, capitalize on opponents' mistakes and play like every play matters.

If they'd done that against SF in the playoffs, it might have turned out different.

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