That’s the formula right there

There were few negatives last night.

Missed an extra point. Got gashed a bit early in the run game and short passing game. Diggs gambled and lost badly. Brown got beat again over the top. Dak should have thrown 4 interceptions.

But not once did that game feel lost. The momentum this team creates throughout the course of a game was palpable. Then, wow, did the floodgates open when Dallas got two scores up and Ryan had to throw from the pocket. Not a pretty place to be against this defense.

The running duo continues to dominate, and those toss sweeps with Pollard with pulling linemen is deadly. Zeke actually looks fresh and quick for him these days. I LOVED the idea of starting Pollard and bringing Zeke in when the defense gets a little winded. He's still a big load to tackle, especially when he's fresh.

To score 54 points with only 170 yards passing was especially ideal. That's what this team needs to do….run the ball and play defense. Throw as needed with efficiency. Get a two score lead, then tee off on the pass rush and get turnovers. Substitute the defense frequently to be fresh late.

McCarthy, Moore, and Quinn have been terrific lately. This is the way.

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