The Cowboys Need to Refocus on Sacking the QB

Granted, some teams have figured us out, and they are designing plays to counter the pass rush. Sometimes, teams are using it against us. (I argue, because we’re more predictable with Parsons at DE full-time.)

And I know the defensive line is a little banged up, along with the LB crew, and the secondary is missing Brown.

So we’ve got a lot more things going on out there than some would consider when saying we need more sacks. But I’m going to say just that. We need more sacks. As much as they stepped up to make key plays today, with Kearse and Bland both making game-changing plays, this defense needs to find its identity again.

But, sadly, we have 1 sack over the past 3 games.

In any event, this is what we all wanted. We all wanted to beat the Eagles today.

Well, we beat them.

And I’d argue their backup today was far better than our backup when we played them the first time.

Over at the Eagles message board, all the fans there are hoping to avoid us in the playoffs.

Why do you think that is?

Because we suck so bad?

Get back to sacking the QB, and we have the potential to be unstoppable.

To all those saying this isn’t playoff contender, I say we are just as much of a contender as any other team in the league.

And if we aren’t, then who has so much better a chance than the Cowboys?

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