Dallas Cowboys’ Offense Trending Upward

Game 1 had fans and critics alike spewing shade towards the Cowboys.

It wasn't totally undeserved. The Cowboys offense looked anemic versus the Bucs. With that said, it was Dak Prescott's first game, and he started without taking even a single preseason snap against a Bucs defense that has made every NFL QB they've faced look stupid.

Cooper Rush looked awful in preseason. Then again, Jerry remembers that Aikman also looked awful.

Dak is the QB of this team. But it's nice to know what you have with Cooper Rush in case Dak starts to slump down the stretch.

But the Cowboys knew going in to 2022 that they were missing some of their key players, like Michael Gallup, and Tyron Smith, who Jerry says has a chance to be back this season.

Many said Jerry was overstating when Gallup would be back. But it looks like they timed his return versus the WFTs just fine.

Given the type of player Gallup is, coupled with Lamb's talent, I would put our offense up against the Eagles' offense every time.

Especially after two more weeks, so Gallup will have that much more time to heal.

Hendershot is becoming a factor to deal with. He doesn't have to be great, just make them account for him. And you have to, because he's a big target that catches everything.

So we'll have some veteran leadership coming back to this team in no time.

I think the Cowboys will tell Dak that it's your spot until you start losing. If you do, we're handing the reigns to Cooper Rush.

Hey, many of the Negative Nances around here are trying to fell you we're not a good team, because they didn't get their way with X,Y,Z player, etc.

But this is going to be a fun season.

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