A Dose of Reality

You can say a lot of things about Prescott, but one thing that is hard to ignore is his record against NFC East teams.

In his career, Prescott is 27-6 against the NFC East during the regular season including being 18-1 in his last 19 games against them.

Unfortunately, that means little in the playoffs because the Cowboys keep finding ways to disappoint everyone when the playoffs start.

The fact that his record has been that impressive against NFC East teams combined with hardly any playoff success is why some fans are not fans of Prescott.

I know it feels good feeling some sort of vindication against the Dak haters when the Cowboys and Prescott win games like the one today, but it is what we have come to expect during the regular season.

I want badly for the Cowboys to win a Super Bowl and it would be great to see Dak Prescott lead the team to winning one, but until he and the Cowboys break the the pattern of post-season failures nothing has changed.

Like most Cowboys fans, the negativity wears on me like it wears on everyone else, but so does the frustration of the same failures occurring year after year.

Maybe this year will be THE year or maybe it will be yet another great regular season that ends quickly in the post-season like we have endured for 27 years with a variety of quarterbacks including Romo and Prescott.

Dak is a great guy and the kind of guy you want to be your quarterback and lead your team.

What he is not yet is a real "winner". Winners win championships, not divisions or wildcards as those just the things that get you into the real games.

I would love for Prescott and the Cowboys to win a Super Bowl this season, but until that happens some fans are not going to be happy and it’s hard to blame them .. especially when I am one of them.

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