Dak contract vs Keeping current players

Dak Prescott’s contract is set to have a CAP hit of $49Mil in 2023 and $52 Mil in 2024. How will this impact current players…(and dont forget get about DAK new contract coming due soon)..

IMO: I think Digg’s (is gone), CD Lamb and Parson (wants to be gone) and many other current player contracts will all be affected by how the Jone’s handle the QB situation. The Jones cant have it both ways and be a Super Bowl contender. It’s DAK or build a championship caliber team. Why is DAK so important, I would argue the Micah Parson is more valuable than DAK.

IMO: the Cowboys needs a bus driver type QB..(or elite like Mahomes)…..But DAK is a tweener…a good… to above average QB depending on the day….but not worth $50mil…(Kirk Cousins money Yes… $50 mil NO).

I say spend the money on the defense…(AKA 49ers) ..stop paying 1 player..while nickel and dimeing the other 52 players…..we have seen how Tony Romo’s contract affected the entire team in the past…..it sold tickets, put butts in the seats of Cowboys stadium, but did nothing to build a championship caliber team.

*** I say its time for the Front Office to come up with a new business Model….one that puts butts in the seats and builds a championship caliber team….

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