Cowboys vs. Bears: 7 Touchdowns, 7 Game Balls

So, we scored 7 TDs today, for those of you counting. That means 7 game balls for key players whose performances were key to victory.

What really impressed me about this game is the fact we converted so many scores in the redzone. That's what made us good last year, by the way.

No field goals, all TDs….

Below are the players I believe earned their game balls today.

Prescott – Not much to say here. The guy was simply elite today. If you don't think Dak had an elite-level game, you should just go sit in the corner

Pollard – Not much to say here either other than Zeke picked a good time to sit out against a team that has trouble against the run.

Zack Martin – The guy was simply a beast today. If you have the ability to watch the game, I suggest you watch Martin in the first quarter, especially. But he was good the entire game. Like dominant.

Jason Peters – Peters was playing near the same level as Martin, although not quite as well. But I would encourage you to also rewatch his play. Of course, we weren't up against the best run defenders on the Bears defensive line, but Peters and Martin were really mauling up front.

Payton Hendershot – Probably a little bias here, because I've been tooting Hendershot's horn since before preseason (Malik Davis', too.). But Hendershot was key to establishing the offense early on. Then he came back and nearly blocked a punt in the 4th quarter. In time, Hendershot will prove to be a baller. I can see him being in the NFL for a long time.

Dante Fowler- Dude was in my doghouse early on with penalties and stupid mistakes. But he redeemed himself with some key plays that helped us close out what I would suggest is an underrated Bears team.

LVE – I truly have no idea what some fans are watching. More importantly, what they're concluding after watching just has no basis in actual knowledge of the game. LVE played a key role in our win today, even if he isn't perfect. The guy is a good player, and receives a lot of hatred from fans who don't know that they don't know.. If you were going to pick on one of our LBs for not playing to their potential, it'd be Barr who is playing under LVE's level of play.

Honorable mention: Micah Parsons. Heads up play out there to run the fumble in for a TD. Guy has such a high football IQ. And I know some will say Parsons deserved a gameball. But I'm not giving it to him this game. Maybe the next one.

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