The additions of Mazi/Overshown are all about fixing the run & read option

Mazi Smith was a two gap DT at Michigan where his main responsibility was to take on blockers, read/react and make plays against the run. He was athletic enough to not only makes plays within the interior, but also on the outside. He has the ability to get push in the pocket and take away the ability for QB’s to move up in the pocket. His play can have a positive affect on the entire defense, from keeping our linebackers clean and even helping out our pass rush. Probably be used more as a run player earl on.

Think of a bigger/faster version of Donovan Wilson with DeMarvion Overshown, they have similar skill sets. When they see the play, they both fly to the football. I have heard one of Overshown’s best attributes is his ability to effectively spy these mobile QB’s. When you look in our division, we have several read option QB’s to we have to face, he will be part of the solution to do a better job in this area, in which they struggled badly with last season. He also will help with covering all these backs and take away that hidden yardage.

The goal is to become better on the early downs, so we can force teams to deal with our pass rush. I feel these 2 additions, have the potential to do just that. Key is keeping our linebackers clean as we have several good run and chase backers that struggle taking on blockers.

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