Keys to beating the Giants!

Live in NYC and get to watch all the Giant games here locally. Many of their fans are shocked that they won their 1st 2 games. Here is what I think, the keys of beating them:

-Primary goal is to contain both Barkley and Daniel Jones on the ground. When they have offensive success it's usually when either player makes a big play running the football. Jones is much more athletic then many realize. This might be a game where we see Parsons play more as a linebacker, especially the early downs.

-They have 2 talented young Tackles, but they are still in the developmental stage. Neal would be the Tackle to go after as he has had some early struggles. Their interior OL is average at best. Their OL is still a major weakness.

-Receiver position has a few weapons, where it seems Sheppard has the most trust with Jones. Toney had a big game against us last season and he needs to be accounted for. Force Jones to throw in tight windows as he usually is good for making mistakes.

-Leonard Williams, their best defensive player may miss this week's game as he has a sprain knee. However, their prized pass rusher from Oregon is expected to make his debut. Their DL is the strength of their defense.

-Their DC, Martindale comes from the Ravens and likes to blitz a whole lot. They will come at us everywhere on the field. However, outside of Jackson, they have very green corners.

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