Thoughts about last nights road loss to the Eagles!


-When they went down 7-0, Cooper Rush and the offense began to panic. Forcing passes into tight coverage that led to 2 terrible interceptions on their side of the 50. Going for it on their own 30 and not challenging the spot, was a double whammy. Punt the darn football. We gift wrapped a good offense short fields for the entire 1st half.

-You cannot spot a good team on the road 20 points and expect to be successful. Offense couldn't do anything in the first half and probably should of been down even more. Offense was just as bad against the Rams, but this time they weren't bailed out by the defense.

-Offense much better in the 2nd half, but Cooper had another poor interception that should of been a TD. Yes, he may of been hit, but he needs to make that play.


-Parsons probably had his worse game as a pro. The read-option is very difficult to defend and he struggled all night. Bad taunting penalty showed his frustration.

-Defense needed Hurts to beat them through the air, but they consistently couldn't stop the run. When the offense closed the gap to 3 points, Eagles ran right down their throats and couldn't do anything to stop them.

-You cannot have a terrible penalty in the redzone that results in a TD that Dante Fowler commited. Everyone in the building knew they weren't snapping the ball prior to the end of the quarter, but not Fowler.

Special Teams

Turpin was probably the lone bright spot of the night.

Sky isn't falling, the season is far from over. It's time to get our starting QB back. I think anyone would of taken a 4-2 start at the beginning of the season with a healthy Dak, 4-2 with Cooper Rush starting 5 out of the 6 games saved our season. I thought we were going to split of series with the Eagles this year, just win the next matchup and we will be in the race come season end.

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