The Rubber Meets The Road – Dak with McCarthy as OC

We talk about lots of different things on this board regarding what will make or break our 2023 season, but in my opinion the biggest single factor (besides possibly injuries—which are beyond anyone’s control) is how will Dak play with MM as OC. In my opinion that is THE single biggest factor on whether we will reach the SB or not.

KM had moments of brilliance, but he also had what many would call moments of greedy stupidity. I have no doubt that there will be elements of the game plan which may lack the imagination or KM but overall, I think slow and steady could possibly win this race.

Dak may or may not put up gaudy numbers this year but the only statistic I am concerned with is WINS. How many times did we see a KM led team give up on the run when we were gashing a team with the run? How many times did we see us have a bomb on 3rd and 1 killing a productive drive? How many times did we see unimaginative running plays? How many times did we see KM run a slow footed Zeke into the teeth of the defense instead of Pollard off tackle for 10? How many times did the offense have a short 3 and out and get a tired defense back on the field?

There may be areas that the Cowboys regress a little bit under MM, but I think overall you will see the team play more for wins and less for stats. We might not score 40 as many times, and yet win more games.

In my opinion I think MM will sit Dak down early and attempt to dial back the gunslinging and rely more on the defense and the running game. I think the draft hints at that too. There is an emphasis on winning at the line of scrimmage and stopping the run on defense.

The results may be less flashy, and less sexy but in the end result in more wins.

If so, I applaud getting back to hard nosed football and winning games. Less flash more substance. That’s what I think you are going to see under MM as OC.

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