Why optimistic “best case scenario” thinking is not good for a front office

IMO, the Cowboys have had a pretty good off-season so far, especially compared to other recent years where we were way too passive. But despite a good pre-draft period followed by what I think will be a decent draft, this roster is far from being ready to start the season. Sizeable holes remain in the roster at OL, RB and K.

I still have a concern about the Front Office big wigs holding onto a “best case scenario” approach to the roster instead of preparing for a worst case. Jerry has often spoken as if being optimistic is the only way he can see his team. The best GMs in this league don’t look at their current roster and think, “We’re set” or fall into “best case scenario thinking”. They are prepared for the worst.

The Jones boys in recent past have had a bad habit of falling in love with their roster too early instead of looking at it with a wary eye and saying, “We need more depth”. My hope is the roster is a long way from set for TC. Being optimistic in real life is great. Being optimistic as an NFL GM looking at his roster is malpractice. To prepare for a long haul NFL season with a championship as the goal, it requires a guy who thinks, “what happens if…”.

Looking at OL, RB and K, it’s clear more depth is needed. Here’s a look at each position with a wary eye:

  • OL- We have a very strong group of starting OL with Tyler Smith, Zack Martin, and Terrance Steele when he returns. Tyler Biadasz has become an above average C. But problems exist. Tyron Smith is a once great talent who has missed over 40 games the last 5 years, and as much as I love him is completely unreliable. If we pencil Tyler Smith and Tyron at LG and LT, when (not if) Tyron gets hurt, who goes where? Steele probably won’t be ready in Sept. In other words, holes remain. Maybe Matt Waletzko, Asim Richards and Chuma Edoga can be those OL depth guys we need. But that’s best case scenario stuff. IMO We need another veteran G to shore up this group.
  • RB- Tony Pollard should be healthy come Sept and I’m genuinely excited about Deuce Vaughn as a Swiss Army knife weapon. Maybe Ronald Jones, Deuce and Malik Davis are enough of a committee to support Pollard. But we can’t leave that to chance. Pollard and Vaughn are similar skill sets. Can Malik Davis be a power runner? Rookie UFA FB Hunter Luepke is intriguing. But we cannot leave all that to best case scenario thinking. More help is needed here. And it can’t be Zeke!
  • K- My approach to this position starts with this: ABBM. (Anyone but Brett Maher) Surely his head case melt down last January has soured this FO once and for all on him. This team needs to bring in 3 Ks for TC and have a serious competition. As long as I never have to see the guy who couldn’t make an XP to save his life last Jan, I will be happy.

Here’s hoping the Jones boys don’t fall in love with this roster before it’s really finished.

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