The Absolute State of the NFC East

As we all know, we lost last night.

Many don’t see this as much a big deal, mostly because it was Week 6 in Philly with a backup QB at the helm against possibly the best current team in football.

While I see where some see the optimism in this loss, we need be worried. We no longer control our destiny in the division due to this loss. We need to discuss the state of the NFC East.

We currently sit in 3rd place, behind the Eagles and Giants. Playoff chances (not just winning the division chances, significantly dropped). That is not good. Now, I know what many of you are thinking; “We BEAT the Giants!!”

Currently, that does not matter. They sit in the seat above us.

The Giants: They have a schedule that is tougher than the Eagles, but easier than ours. The standouts on their schedule include: The Eagles (twice), Vikings, Lions (their offense has been stellar minus their game against the Patriots), and the Seahawks (Offense has also been stellar). These are the possible losses I could see, however, Giants have been playing clean football, granting them wins. There is no doubt they will get squeeze by wins in these games as well. At worst, I see the G-men finishing at 11-6 (with losses mostly likely from Eagles, and possibly us again or the Vikings and Seahawks). The game where we play the G-men again will become extremely important. They do NOT need to be written off. This team has beaten the Packers and the Ravens. They are NOT walkovers. We need to take them more seriously as contenders of the NFC East. Currently, though we beat them, I do think they are the superior team, with Eagles slightly above them.

Eagles; Oh boy did we get outplayed and out coached last night. In all 3 phases of the game. We were simply outmatched. They have what many are calling “an unsustainable, smoke and mirrors offense”, where they have a lot of gadget plays and cutesy attempts of running and passing. Though unsustainable, it is possible it will work for them up until a possible championship. As mentioned before, Goff was carried by McVay to the playoffs. That concept in of itself is unsustainable, however, look where it got them. The holy grail. This is possible for the Eagles. Their schedule is super easy. I do not see a single possible loss intertwined in their schedule. Now that does not mean they CANNOT lose, as typically, there are trap games for every team (and yes, trap games do happen to every team. Hell, the Chiefs lost to the Colts, and the Packers lost to the Jets). However, we cannot rely on the method of trap games. Injuries cannot be ruled out as the season goes on, however, that applies to us as well. At the end of the day, this is the mighty foe we need be afraid of. They have a chance of going undefeated. Come playoff time, that may change, however, when it comes to seeding and power within their team (offensively, defensively, and on special teams and coaching), they look mightily undefeatable.

Commanders: Though they won on Thursday, I’m not worried about them. Not even going to waste a write up. Sounds like their team is imploding anyways with Rivera and Wentz supposedly not getting along, and Snyder being his usual snake self.


Defense played horribly and tried to hold on despite our 3 turnovers. What looked like a possible comeback ended in disaster. The defense was so bad, even Micah himself seemed down and disappointed after the game. I have no doubt this may have been an off game and we will see if they return to form next week against the Lions, who have a mighty offense. They were shutout against the Patriots. There is a game plan to stop them on film and our defense hopefully can execute that plan.

Offense is no different than what we know. Run game, while better last night, is still not great (We are average in the run game). Passing, rather the QB be Rush or Prescott, is in severe danger. QB is an extreme cause for concern. Now, one could argue we shouldn’t be too worried about this situation, since the likes of Garapolo and Goff, both of which had their coaches and defenses carry them to the playoffs, made the Super Bowl. Problem with that, however, is that we lack the coaching, and possibly the defense. Defense had short field most of the game, so I can’t be too upset, however, things will need to tighten up in the run defense department. Severely. In addition, we need to produce more turnovers.

Back to the offense though, WR’s look horrible. TE by committee is looking likely, but none of them standout. Too many drops. O-line getting destroyed. Defense will need to carry. But we may need to make some sort of trade to get a playmaker on the offense. We need that spark similar to Amari back in 2018. I suggest DJ Moore from the Panthers who are currently holding a fire sale, however, how many picks they want will depend on that trade. QB needn’t be a worry right now as there is nothing we can do in that department. We must deal with the horrid-ness the QB’s bring to this team.

Coaching: Oh boy. Quinn is fine for now, though some of the plays last night were not good (though some also falls on the execution of the players).

Moore: Don’t even get me started. For some odd reason, through 3 interceptions, Moore continued to pass. I know Philly stacked the box, however, the run was working for the most part. He got too pass happy, especially in detrimental situations. He called mostly well during our win stretch, with mostly running and playing conservative to win the game. Now of course, this was because the defense was playing well, however, the reason the defense faltered last night was because they were gassed (Eagles TOP, especially in the first half, was astonishing), as well as constant short field for the Eagles. Moore and Rush put us in jeopardy last night. He needs to be gone after this season.

McCarthy: Coward is how I would describe this man. Decides not to challenge in a season deciding game. Never gets upset or angry. Just doesn’t care or do anything on the sidelines. He needs to be gone too. I want Bienemy from the Chiefs.


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