Let’s take the fan glasses off for a moment

Let me just say the obvious that will be a hard pill for some fans here to swallow- the better team won last night. But that doesn’t mean by December Filly will still be a better team. It takes longer than six games to crown a champ!

And- Let’s take the fan glasses off and be objective here-

  • We are very fortunate to be 4-2. After the Tampa game, did any one of us think after six games we would be 4-2?
  • We are STILL very much in the NFC East race and certainly in the mix for making the playoffs.
  • We lost last night for several reasons-
    • We had three turnovers and the e-girls had none.
    • We had 10 penalties- 2 of which were stupid mental mistakes where two of our best defensive players lost their cool.
    • We lost because Filly exploited a real defensive weakness we certainly have and need to improve on- stopping the run especially to the outside.
    • Hate to say it, but it’s true- Filly made more key plays at critical moments than we did. That TD drive they had in the 4th qtr when we had all the momentum was what sealed it. They executed better than we did. Plain and simple.
    • We went 4-1 with our backup QB. I avoid the silly “Dak vs Rush” hyperbole because in the end, whatever any of our fans think, Dak is the starter. Rush deserves a lot of credit for sure. But he’s not an NFL starter. And I just want the ‘Boys to win whoever starts at QB.
  • On the bright side:
    • We have only played 35% of the season. There is a ton of football left to be played. A lot can and will happen that we don’t foresee.
    • This defense actually played pretty well last night in the second half. It’s still a top 5 D in the league.
    • The running game is showing signs of gaining some traction. The OL has improved.

Final word on this- don’t look at the schedule and assume anything. Every single game on the schedule will be challenging. It will for the e-girls too! The NFL is the most unpredictable league in sports. We have a ton of football left to play.

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