I’m Not Ready To Freak Out

The Eagles ARE a very good team, playing their “Super Bowl” at home against a team with a QB2 on borrowed time, and they STILL only won by 9. As unsatisfied as we all were with the Cowboy offense, they still had more total yards than Philly.

What killed us? Three INT’s by Rush, that HORRIBLE spot on the Cee Dee catch, and 10 penalties (one or two that were speculative BS). Take those away, and it’s a totally different game.

I suspect Quinn will have a remedy for their RPO shenanigans for game #2, and our future opponents include Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Indy, Washington, etc., plus Green Bay just ain’t Green Bay this year. Minnesota is beatable too. Philly did it in game one.

I simply think it’s way too early to commence with the handwringing. I just hope that KM doesn’t revert back to the pass happy trickery. We need balance.

Enjoy the ride!

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