Tale of the Tape – Dallas vs Green Bay

No, it wasn’t Dak despite the 2 INTs, one which seemed to lie with Shultz and one on Dak, imo.

The defense was atrocious, but the reason we lost is the same as always. We have an undisciplined OC in Moore who just doesn’t get it.

With a 14 point lead and the game looking good, Dallas passed 8 times, running only 6.

Trailing by 14 points late, GB passed 9 times, running 13. Why is the team with the lead passing more than the team trailing?

For the entire game, Dallas ran 31 times, passing 46.

GB ran 39 times, passing only 20. The score didn’t matter to Kellen Moore.

GB averaged 5.3 yards per carry. Guess what? Without any long runs, Dallas averaged 5.1 per carry, including Dak’s 4 Carrie’s for only 6 yards.

Moore did not stick with the formula, not even with a 14 point lead.

GB, trailing by 14 and having a HOF QB, stuck with the formula…..run, run, run….play action pass.

This is not in defense of any player or the defense, but the game was there to win despite a slow start. Why not stick to the formula and run the damn ball. Why did the team winning the game throw more passes than the team trailing?

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